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12:50HL 414 Venkatessh Ramakrishnan
Roadmap to a compendium of black hole images
2022-10-1316:15HL414 Audrey Coutens
The chemical richness of solar-type protostars
2022-10-2016:15HL414 Michael Murphy
(Swinburne University)
Fundamental physics with solar twins
12:50TBC Lisa Lehmann
New method to rapidly diagnose the large-scale stellar magnetic field

10-06 15:00 10-06 16:00Own PhD Defence Dilovan Serindag
10-14 11:00 10-14 12:30HL414Own ASTRON-NWO Town Hall meeting
10-07 16:15 10-07 17:15De SitterzaalOwn Leiden Observatory Welcome Jamboree
10-18 12:45 10-18 13:45DM115Own Initial Evaluation Astronomy - Fall Courses BSc
10-19 12:15 10-19 13:15DM109Own Initial Evaluation Astronomy - Fall Courses MSc
10-25 10:00 10-25 11:00Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defense Amanda Mesquita
10-26 10:30 10-26 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee

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