STRW local: Student Colloquia

Student Colloquia

Spring 2021

29/06/202115:40Nashanty Brunken (s1771922) The Chemistry of warm planet hosting disks
29/06/202115:00Bohan Yue (s2587556) FIRC relation at low frequency with LOFAR
29/06/202114:35Stella Tsilia (s2502798) Star formation loud and quiet in the Magellanic Clouds
29/06/202113:55Pengyu Liu (s2604531) TRAP4vAPP: finding exoplanets in vAPP data
29/06/202113:30Maryam Tajalli (s2459108) The KiDS-1000 cosmic shear power spectrum
29/06/202111:30Dylan Natoewal (s1289381) The effect of dust and gas gaps on molecular line emission from protoplanetary disks
29/06/202111:05Yuan Chen (s2562081) S and P chemistry in exoplanet atmosphere
29/06/202110:25Dazhi Zhou (s2558696) Chemical fractionation in starburst galaxies
22/06/202115:40Danker Roozemond (s1694855) Translating the water spectrum of obscured galactic nuclei into physical parameters
22/06/202115:00Kasper Veken (s1834681) Correcting for Solar Variation in Apollo 15 XRF da
22/06/202114:35Naadiyah Jagga (s1783653) How well can we determine the stellar masses of galaxies?
22/06/202113:55Hritam Chakraborty (s2416689) Atmospheric characterisation of Hot Jupiters
22/06/202113:30Ivana Leeuwen, van (s1811037) Dust-obscured galaxies at high redshift
22/06/202111:30Gunnlaugur Helgi Stefánsson (s2560798) Detecting and measuring galactic bars in disc galaxies with deep learning
22/06/202111:05Bryndís María Ragnarsdóttir (s2560801) Dust continuum morphology of submillimeter galaxies
22/06/202110:25Joshiwa Marrewijk, van (s1644971) Enabling Precision cosmology with Galaxy Clusters
22/06/202110:00Jeroen Jaspers (s1787950) Determining the Deuteration of Methanol in Young Protostars
15/06/202116:05Donald Serna-Grey (s2201410) Exploring RR Lyarae PLZ Relations with Gaia EDR3
15/06/202115:40Jelle Mes (s1530194) Cross-identification of galaxies in LoTSS
15/06/202115:00Stefan Giessen, van der (s1796496) Comparative analysis of galaxy properties in a CDM and WDM universe
15/06/202114:35Joost Hart, t (s1691570) Full characterization of the instrumental polarization effects of the spectropolarimetric mode of SCExAO-CHARIS
15/06/202113:55Brent Maas (s1826247) High redshift radio galaxies with LOFAR
15/06/202113:30Qing Zhou (s2501597) Predicting the number of strong gravitational lenses
15/06/202111:30Siyu Wang (s2386127) How to put an astronomy MOOC in high school?
15/06/202111:05Aniek Ogtrop, van (s1854305) Search for exoplanets around O and B type stars
15/06/202110:25Aoife Taylor (s2408732) Powers of Ten: Context and content for a sci-art exhibition
15/06/202110:00Merel Donker (s1796046) Rotation of the Andromeda with Gaia proper motions

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