STRW local: BSc students
STRW local: BSc students

BSc students

Click on a name to see the homepage. Click on the office number to find the location. Phone numbers are given as campus extensions. If needed, precede these extension numbers with +31-(0)71-527.

P.J. (Preet) Agnihortri--
C. (Christina) Cordun--
H. (Huangshenhzhi) Ding--
S. (Suprio) Dubey--
X. (Xunyang) Hong--
B. (Bin) Jia--
L. (Laia) Lopez Llobet--
S. (Sean) O'Brien--
T. (Thanasis) Rigas--
Mr. R. (Thanasis) Rigas--
M.I (Marco) Rivera--
J. (Joppe) Swart--
Mr. B. (Bart) Wolfs--
Y. (Yuze) Zhu--