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2023-03-0216:15HL414 Masaru Shibata
(Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)
The predictive power of numerical relativity
16:15HL414 Daryl Haggard
(McGill University)
Anticipating the (Impending) Avalanche of Astrophysical Transients
2023-03-0916:15HL414 Paul Schechter
What we suspect the machine learned when it searched for gravitationally lensed quasars: an EXACT FORWARD solution to the quad lens problem
12:50HL 414 Matthew Kenworthy
(Leiden Observatory)
Writing reproducible papers with "show your work!"
2023-03-1612:50HL 414 Andrew Mummery
(University of Oxford)
Weighing supermassive black holes with late time optical/UV detections of tidal disruption events
2023-03-1616:15HL414 Subir Sarkar
A challenge to the standard cosmological model
12:50EM1.17 Ver Filip Huško
(Durham University)
[Note new room!] The statistics and impact of galaxy mergers: comparing theory and observations out to very high redshifts
2023-03-2316:15HL414 Merce Romero-Gomez
(Universitat de Barcelona)
Dynamics with Gaia in the Magellanic Clouds
12:30HL414 Pamela Freeman
(University of Calgary)
[Note 12:30 starting time!] The carbon-based molecules of high mass star forming regions AFGL 2591 and IRAS 20126
12:50HL 414 Linn Boldt-Christmas
(University of Uppsala)
Optimising Exoplanet Transit Spectroscopy Observations
2023-03-3016:15HL414 Olivier Absil
(Universiteit Luik)
Using machine learning to shape the future of exoplanet imaging

03-01 10:30 03-01 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
03-08 10:30 03-08 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
03-15 10:30 03-15 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
03-22 10:30 03-22 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
03-29 10:30 03-29 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee

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