STRW local: Confidentiality persons

Confidentiality, diversity and inclusion

If you have been made to feel unwelcome or unsafe in the Observatory (or by any person affiliated with the Observatory), please contact a member of the peer support twam ('Observatory Allies') to discuss the situation. The current Observaory Allies are Bernhard Brandl, Huib Jan van Langevelde, Yamila Miguel, Arianne Pen, Pedro Russo, Frans Snik or Xander Tielens. They will handle the situation with the guarantee of anonymity and will be able to provide help how to communicate to the university or HR (if needed). If you are uncertain how to proceed after an altercation, the Observatory Allies can also answer your questions.


Leiden observatory aims to provide a warm, friendly and open environment for astronomers of all gender identities, nationalities, and ethnic and religious backgrounds. This should create a welcoming atmosphere that enables students and researchers to fully develop their capabilities. While this environment should clearly help preventing any inappropriate behavior, it is important that if you notice any unwanted behavior of any kind you take action.

A first action might be to have a chat with our Observatory Allies: Bernhard Brandl, Huib Jan van Langevelde, Yamila Miguel, Arianne Pen, Pedro Russo, Frans Snik or Xander Tielens. Other possibilities for help and advice include the Institute manager (Evelijn Gerstel) and the Director (Ignas Snellen) who serve as Observatory Allies as part of their role. Bachelor and Master students can also always turn to Wouter Schrier (study Advisor). It is also possible to speak confidentially with the Human Resources Advisor, Marian van de Walle: .

Anyone who works for Leiden University can contact the confidential counsellors. They can advise and support you through any procedure you follow, and are sworn to strict confidentiality. They can help you along the way and, if necessary, will refer you to the most appropriate person for your request. Leiden University has a number of confidential counsellors:

personnel affairs (Problems with your manager/colleagues/communication problems/re-organisation of your work environment etc):

  • Marije Bedaux and Nadia Garnefski .

Unacceptable behaviour (such as bullying, sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination and violence):for undesirable behavior such as matters of aggression, violence or sexual intimidation:

Academic Integrity (such as falsification/deliberately misleading interpretation of research results or methods, plagiarism, problems concerning co-authors or other misconduct):

  • Frits Koning : +31715266673,
  • Jan van Ruitenbeek, +31 71 527 5450,
  • Janine Ubink: +31 71 527 7493,

Malpractice (whistleblowing): (concerns issues related to wrongdoing where the public interest is at stake, such as violation of the law, an imminent threat to public health/people's safety/damage to the environment/ the proper functioning of the organisation in consequence of an impropper act or omission):

  • Gert de Boer (external): +31 6 51 06 63 29,

PhD candidates (Persistent problems between PhD student and supervisor concerning communication, strong disagree about direction research project, or problems in working relationship with a colleague that makes your feel unsafe due to discrimination, bullying, sexual intimidation or violence)

  • Confidential counsellor for PhD students of the Faculty of Science:
    Prof. Jan Boersema: +31 71 527 5650,

For more information about the Vision, Mission and core Value of Leiden University, please go to: