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New information about travel and expenses

As from April 1, 2015, Leiden University entered into a Horizontal Supervision agreement with the Tax Office. This has made it possible to simplify the process of claiming business travel expenses and to reduce the administrative workload of our staff. As a consequence, a new regulation on business travel and subsistence expenses has been set up to articulate these changes, and a number of fixed rate expense allowances has been introduced. This means that you are no longer always required to produce receipts in order to claim your expenses.

More information can be found on: More information is available in the self service portal after login in ( You can also contact the FSSC, telephone 5555,

procedure for travel requests:

In the self service under the 'leave' registration, you can submit a "leave request for business trips", and select your supervisor for approval. You are, of course, always expected to agree upon your plans for conferences and business trips with your supervisor beforehand. Formalizing your request by submitting a "leave request for business trips" has the additional benefit that your absence will be visible on the internal observatory page:
Please mention in the 'remarks' section the SAP number and the estimated total costs for the trip, to make sure your supervisor is well informed..

Travel and Expenses

Before you go on a trip you should do:

Self Service Portal

You can use the self service portal for

You login with your ULCN account, this is a standard University account you receive when you start working for the University. Note that this is a different account then your e-mail account at the observatory. If you have problems using the ULCN account contact the Observatory computer group.

For technical support concerning the Self Service Portal and basic use of the system please contact:

Unpaid employees, guests and visitors

Use the forms from the Financial Shared Service Center (in Excel):

Extra information about how to use this form can be found on: Ask your host for a SAP number, you need to fill out this number on the form in order to have it processed. Please submit forms with all relevant receipts electronically attached to the