STRW local: IP telephony

IP Telephony

General Information

The University has a WEBsite with information about the IP telephones currently on your desk.

At the Observatory we strive to have one telephone per person. This may sometimes not be the case, either due to lack of connections or to lack of telephones. In general staff, post docs and promovendi will have their own telephone. Students will have to share one.

On your phone you will find a number (either 7912 or 7940). Use this type number to get the appropriate information.

There are two Dutch documents on the University WEBsite in doc format. Here they are available as pdf documents:

As a courtesy we have copied a series of general documents from the Cisco website:

Old types:

New types:

Extension Mobility in short

The notion Extension Mobility in practice means that you have to login to the telephone using your ID and pincode (provided to you in a sealed envelope). From that point on that phone will receive telephone calls to your ID (= extension number). When you leave the office you may logout from your phone. The phone will stop receiving calls and the caller will see on his IP phone you are not logged in. A voice mail facility can be enabled to inform an outside caller your absence. Of course you may stay logged in to your phone, it will just ring in your absence.

In fact you can login to any of the IP phones in the University, so if you are in the University library, you could enter your codes and all calls to your extension will be transfered to that phone. When you were logged in at the office, that phone will be automatically logged out.

For detailed information about the features of the phone and the facilities provided by the Cisco CallManager system, please read the above documentation.

For any practical information please contact the Computer Group.

You can change your IP phone settings from a WEB page accessible from the Remote Campus.

Voice Mail

Your Voice Mail facility has now been enabled. This means that you can use for phone type 7940 the button with the envelop icon, for phone type 7912 the Message option to enter the Voice Mail message menu. Please follow the instructions to setup your Voice Mail configuration. Here is a simple Dutch users guide.

If you want the Voice Mail to speak English, go to the WEB page accessible from the Remote Campus and change your IP phone settings from this WEB page.