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2022-12-0116:15HL414 Antonija Oklopcic
Atmospheric escape in exoplanets
12:50HL414 Balpreet Kaur
(National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
Molecular gas in HI-absorption-selected galaxies at z~2
12:50HL 207 Sebastian Pineda
(Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, CU Boulder)
(!! Room Huygens 207) TBC
2022-12-0816:15HL414 Freeke van de Voort
(Cardiff university)
Gas flows and metal enrichment in and around Milky Way-mass galaxies

12-21 13:45 12-21 14:45Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defense Turgay Gaglar
12-07 10:30 12-07 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
12-14 10:30 12-14 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
12-21 10:30 12-21 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
12-05 15:30 12-05 17:00Huygens CanteenOwn Sinterklaas Celebration
12-16 16:00 12-16 19:00Huygens CanteenOwn The Christmas Super Borrel
12-14 13:45 12-14 14:45Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defense Bas Zoutendijk
12-13 12:30 12-13 13:30Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defense Olivier Burggraaff

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