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12:50HL414 Emily Sandford
(University of Cambridge)
Attractor reconstruction for active stellar light curves
2023-02-0913:00HL 414 Shude Mao
(Tsinghua University)
[Starts at 13:00!!] Modelling 10,000 MaNGA galaxies with JAM
2023-02-0916:15HL414 Alberto Sesana
(Universita di Milano)
The future of gravitational wave detection: the low frequency band
12:50HL 414 Natalia Rektsini
(University of Tasmania and IAP (Institute d'Astrophysique de Paris))
F Hunting cold and distant exoplanets: Precise Mass measurement of planetary system hosting a Saturn orbiting an M-dwarf
12:30HL 414 Rohit Kondapally
(University of Edinburgh)
[Starts at 12:30!!] Cosmic evolution of radio-AGN feedback: confronting models with data
2023-02-2312:50HL 414 Fuyutsuki Seba
(Sophia University, Tokyo)
From ab-initio calculations of molecular properties to atmospheric models, how organic molecules can be produced in Carbon Monoxide atmospheres and how relevant they are for prebiotic environments
12:50HL 414 Danial Langeroodi
(University of Copenhagen)
Evolution of the mass-metallicity relation from redshift z~8 to the local Universe

02-22 13:00 02-22 13:45414Own Final evaluation MSc courses fall semester
02-01 10:30 02-01 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
02-08 10:30 02-08 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
02-15 10:30 02-15 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
02-22 10:30 02-22 11:00Canteen HL buildingOwn Observatory Tea&Coffee
02-02 09:00 02-03 17:00Huygens 204, 207, 106-109Own PhD Interview
02-24 11:00 02-24 12:00Huy 207Own Final evaluation BSc courses fall semester

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