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2022-07-0711:15de Sitter Fabian Schneider
(Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)
Turbulent Lives of Stars
2022-07-0712:50HL204 Timmy Delage
(MPIA Heidelberg)
Dead zone evolution: Toward a full coupling of gas and dust evolution with MRI calculations
12:50Sitterzaal Augustín Rost
(Córdoba (Argentina))
Gas shocks around cosmological filaments
2022-07-2112:50Sitterzaal Federico Stasyszyn
(Córdoba (Argentina))
Advances MHD in the SWIFT code

07-01 16:15 07-01 17:15De SitterzaalOwn Observatory seminar
07-08 16:15 07-08 17:15De SitterzaalOwn Observatory seminar
07-15 16:15 07-15 17:15HL 211/214Own Observatory seminar

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