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2022-09-0112:50HL204 Jesse van de Sande
(University of Sydney)
Dissecting the anatomy of the Milky Way through a chemo-dynamic analysis of its siblings
2022-09-0812:50Snellius 403 Shane Hengst
(University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ))
Debris Discs: a key component of planetary evolution
13:15Gorlaeus DM115 Matteo Guainazz
Dirty Dancing: piercing the dusty environment of merging supermassive black holes
2022-09-2216:15van Steenis F104 Philipp Moesta
Magnetic fields, jets, and turbulence in the multimessenger era
12:50HL414 Molly Wolfson
(UC Santa Barbara)
Constraining the mean free path of ionizing photons at z > 5 from the Lyman-alpha forest flux auto-correlation function

09-14 20:00 09-14 21:00Groot Auditorium, AcademiegebouwOwn Oort lecture by Prof. James Moran
09-08 15:00 09-08 17:00414Own 1st PhD lecture by Jim Moran
09-15 15:00 09-15 17:00414Own 2nd PhD lecture by Jim Moran
09-15 16:15 09-15 17:15Academy BuildingOwn Defence Anna de Graaff
09-22 10:00 09-22 11:00Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defence Stijn Debackere
09-27 13:45 09-27 14:45Academy BuildingOwn PhD Defence Stella Reino

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