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This week's colloquia are highlighted in red.

Christopher Hayward
(Flatiron Institute)
Starbursts, outflows, and the emergence of disk galaxies Schaye
Samaya Nissanke
(University of Amsterdam)
Follow the chirp: Seeing and listening to the violent Universe with compact object mergers Rossi
Register 14/0311:00
Nick Stone
(Columbia University)
3-body dynamical formation models for LIGO binaries Rossi
Register 11/0411:00
Michele Bannister
(Belfast University)
First arrival from afar: insight from interstellar planetesimal 1I/`Oumuamua into the past and present of planetary systems Portegies Zwart
Register 25/0411:00
Marieke van de Brink
(Radboud University)
TBA Snik
Register 02/0511:00
Monika Moscibrodzka
(Radboud University)
Towards Understanding Black Hole Accretion and Jet Launching Tilanus
Register 09/0511:00
Sherry Suyu
(MPA Garching)
Cosmology with Gravitational Lens Time Delays Hoekstra
Register 16/0511:00
Hilke Schlichting
Atmospheric accretion and loss during planet formation spz
Register 13/0611:00
Douglas Boubert
(University of Oxford)
Hypervelocity discoveries with Gaia DR2 Brown

Colloquia take place in the de Sitter room on the ground floor of the Oort Building, Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden, and start at 11:00 sharp. Coffee and tea are served at 10:45. After the colloquium, a simple lunch is provided. Registration is required to join the lunch.

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the colloquium series, please contact Michiel Hogerheijde (e-mail ) and Simon Portegies Zwart (e-mail )
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