STRW local: Colloquia


This week's colloquia are highlighted in red.

Brian Hare
(Kapteijn instituut)
LIFT: Lightning corona Imaging From a radio Telescope jcal/spz
Peter H Johansson
(Helsinki University)
Simulating black hole dynamics and gravitational wave emission in galaxy formation simulations spz
Claudia Maraston
Evolutionary population synthesis models SPZ
Michael Wise
Space, the final frontier spz
Michael Lewis
(British Museum)
The Significance of Halley's Comet in the Bayeux Tapestry
Lisa Kaltenegger
(Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University)
How to uncover the Mysteries of Rocky Exoplanets spz
Heather Cegla
(Warwich University)
Harnessing the power of stars to unveil planets and our place in the cosmos spz
Shin'ichiro Ando
Formation and evolution of dark matter substructure: Semi-analytical approach spz/jcal
Georges Meynet
(Geneva Observatory)
Stars at the Extreme: First Stars, Spinstars and Supermassive Stars spz/jcal
Ryan Wittingslow
A Conceptual Analysis of Artefact Function spz/jcal
Heino Falcke
Studying nearby supermassive black holes at the event horizon scale spz
Jacques Kluska
(University of Leuven)
Disks around evolved binaries: do they form second-generation planets? SPZ
Sarah White
(Rhodes University)
New insights into active galaxies, via their radio emission Koen
de sitter
Masaru Shibata
(Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics)
Neutron-star mergers, nucleosynthesis, and electromagnetic counterparts spz
Marijke Haverkorn
The Magnetic Field of the Milky Way spz
Mario van den Ancker
Disk Evolution around Young Intermediate Mass Stars SPZ

Colloquia take place in the de Sitter room on the ground floor of the Oort Building, Niels Bohrweg 2, Leiden, and start at 13:15 sharp. For talks that start at 11:15, tea and coffee will be served before, and a simple lunch after the colloquium. For talks that start at 13:15, a simple lunch will be served before the colloquium (no tea or coffee afterwards).

For questions and/or suggestions concerning the colloquium series, please contact Simon Portegies Zwart (e-mail ) and Ian Roberts (e-mail )