Thesis Chapters

Thesis Chapters

Karin Öberg

A draft of the complete thesis can be downloaded here (file size is about 10 mb)

Thesis Outline

  1. Introduction - draft available for download

    Spitzer observations of ices

  2. The c2d Spitzer legacy: Ice formation in star-forming regions - draft available for download
  3. The c2d Spitzer spectroscopy survey of CH4 ice around low-mass young stellar objects - published (Öberg et al., ApJ, 2008, 678, 2, 1032-1041)

    Ice dynamics and spectroscopy

  4. Effects of CO2 on band profiles and band strengths of H2O in mixed H2O:CO2 ices - published (Öberg et al., A&A, 2007, 462, 3, 1187-1198)
  5. Quantification of segregation dynamics in ice mixtures - Accepted by A&A, (preprint available for download)
  6. Trapping of volatile ices during ice mixture desorption - draft available for download

    Ice photoprocesses

  7. Photodesorption of CO ice - published (Öberg et al., ApJL, 2007, 662, L23-L26 )
  8. Photodesorption of ices I: CO, N2 and CO2 - published (Öberg et al., A&A, 2009, 496, 281-293)
  9. Photodesorption of ices II: H2O and D2O - published (Öberg et al., ApJ, 2009, 93, 1209-1218 )
  10. Formation rates of complex organics in UV irradiated CH3OH-rich ices - submitted to A&A (draft available for download )
  11. Photochemistry in HO:CO2:NH3:CH4 ices - revised (072309) draft available for download

    Gas phase tracers of ice processes

  12. Cold gas as an ice diagnostic toward low mass protostars - published (Öberg et al., A&A, 2009, 494, L13-L16 )