Thesis: Daniel Szomoru

Leiden University, 21 november 2013

  • Introduction

  • Science chapter 1
    "Confirmation of the compactness of a z=1.91 quiescent galaxy with HST's WFC3"
    Szomoru et al. 2010, ApJ, 714, L244

  • Science chapter 2
    "Morphological evolution of galaxies from ultradeep HST WFC3 imaging: the Hubble sequence at z~2"
    Szomoru et al. 2011, ApJ, 735, L22

  • Science chapter 3
    "Sizes and surface brightness profiles of quiescent galaxies at z~2"
    Szomoru et al. 2012, ApJ, 749, 121

  • Science chapter 4
    "The stellar mass structure of massive galaxies from z=0 to z=2.5; surface density profiles and half-mass radii"
    Szomoru et al. 2013, ApJ, 763, 73

  • Science chapter 5
    "Insight into galaxy size growth from semi-analytic models"

  • Conclusion