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Leids Kerkhoven-Bosscha Fonds

Submission of subsidy requests

Starting 2020, the deadlines of the LKBF will shift. In 2020 the deadlines are March 2 and October 1. Subsidy requests must have been received before 12:00 on these dates. Starting 2021, the new deadlines will be April 1 and October 1, unless the deadlines falls in the weekend. In this case the deadline moves to the next working day.

The LKBF Board meets the same month (i.e. March and October) to discuss the requests, and allocations will be announced by the end of this month.

For each deadline, only travel starting the month after is eligible for a subsidy, so for the deadline of March 2, only travel starting on or after April 1 is eligible, and for the deadline on October 1, only travel starting on or after November 1 is eligible. After 2020, these dates will shift with the associated deadlines.

Subsidy requests must be prepared and submitted via the electronic system accessible via the website.

A detailed budget (in euro's !) must be provided with the request, and this should show which other funding has been sought/obtained.

How to use the electronic request system

  1. Make sure you are forwarded to the correct call, and that your browser did not auto-complete to a previous call!
  2. If you have used the system before, you can reuse the account. Note that your earlier requests are not visible in this call. If you use this system for the first time, create a new account & log in with your account.
  3. Go to 'User profile' and complete your information, in particular the Staff Status, and for PhD applicants the Supervisor Email also.
  4. Go to 'Subsidy requests' and under 'Add new request' select the type of subsidy you want to request and click 'Add'
  5. Fill out the necessary information to complete the request. You can save your work by clicking 'Submit changes'. You can submit your request by clicking 'Finalize'. You will receive an e-mail that your request has been received.
    You can edit saved-but-not-yet-submitted requests from the 'Subsidy requests' page. Submitted (finalized) requests can be viewed but not edited.

    After you finalize & submit a request, your institute manager will be asked automatically to approve the request. For PhD student, your supervisor will also be asked automatically to approve the request.  

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