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Inclusive Astronomy - Leiden Observatory's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion committee

At Leiden Observatory, we push the boundaries of human knowledge. To maximise new ideas and insights, we need to attract, support, and retain people from every possible background.

We believe it is important that we are all given the same opportunities to succeed regardless of gender identity, sexuality, cultural background, socio-economic background, age, disability, career-level, or any other minority status.

The aim of Inclusive Astronomy is to make Leiden Observatory a more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming workplace.

Our shared goals are to:

  1. Engage all staff in conversations and training about diversity and inclusion, and raise awareness around systemic biases and barriers that work against people in minorities.
  2. Implement best-practice hiring policies for Observatory positions at all levels.
  3. Promote a work culture of respect in which people feel valued and safe to be themselves.

We will do this by:

  1. Organising seminars and workshops concerning different aspects of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Monitoring the workplace environment, as well as the demographics (gender, race, educational, socio-economic background etc.) of employees by an anonymous biannual survey.
  3. Recommending policies to the Institute directors.

The committee is open to your suggestions on how we can make the Observatory more welcoming for everyone. Please contact us at . Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can contact any of our members:

PhD candidates
Morgan McCabe
Chloe Cheng
Willeke Mulder
Luna van Haastere
Post-doctoral researchers
Aida Ahmadi
Ashley Bemis
Stefano Bellotti
Zephyr Penoyre
Senior academic staff
Joe Callingham (chair)
Matthew Kenworthy
Pedro Russo
Administrative staff
Evelijn Gerstel