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New Campus Building STRW


  • March 28th - April 1st: Moving days/Easter
    The moving company starts on the morning of Thursday March 28th at 07:00 with the actual moving. The offices will not be accessible for employees. Please note that the desktops are switched off for transportation, so logging in remotely to your desktop will not be possible during these days. Email, vpn, ssh server, websites and Science servers will remain accessible. If possible, please schedule your activities so that you can work from home on Thursday (28th) without logging in to your desktop remotely, and enjoy your Easter break from March 29th-April 1st. The IT group will do its best to switch on as many desktops as possible, but cannot guarantee your desktop will be online in the new building during the Easter break.
  • Tuesday April 2nd: First day in the new building
    Your new office is ready to be housed in and all desktops should be reconnected. To celebrate the opening, please join us for cake in the new Kaiser Lounge at 10.30!
  • Friday April 5th: Moving boxes will be collected
    Make sure that you have unpacked everything by this date. If you cannot be in the office in the first week to unpack, please ask your office mates to help out, or else contact Robin or Erik.


For questions related to the move, please consult our FAQ page. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please do not hesitate to contact Robin Hölscher ( or Erik Deul (

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