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Last edit 2023-12-13

Office clean-up weeks: December 18th - January 31st

With less than four months to go until our move to the new building, we would like to kindly ask you to start cleaning up your offices by throwing away things that you will not be bringing to the new building. Please read the practical details here. Note that currently the separation walls between Phase 1 and Phase 2a are dismantled. You can now 'see' your new office more 'up-close'..

Photo Impressions

See photo gallery of pre-opening state (13-12-2023)

See photo gallery of building state at 18-09-2023

See photo gallery of building state at 14-06-2023

States update as presented to staff, postdocs and promovendi beginning November 2023 (powerpoint)

It is very likely that we will move to the new campus building in Q1 2024. In order to prepare for this move this website will provide you with practical information about the offices and locations thereof that are assigned to the STRW. At a later stage we will report all kinds of news and need to know items to prepare you for the move.

We are being helped by a moving company, who will do all organizational and heavy lifting work. You will soon notice the effects of the organizational part as people will drop by to assess the furniture in your office. Depending on the new criteria for office furniture, your personal desk, trolley and cupboard(s) may be eligable for transport to your new office. If not you will be provided with new furniture.

For an overview of the current map of the Full Beta Campus, please inspect the Map Faculty of Science campus available.

During the stafflunch on march 14th Robin Hölscher presented an update.

Images from 26 mei 2023

General info on the new campus building

General information about the new campus building, which has been given the name 'Gorlaeus Building' is available on the university website. Phase 1 of that building has already been realized, but Phase 2 is in the making. Please read the University page.

Also there is a nice drone view movie of the build in november 2022.

On our pages we will provide you with more detail.

State of the 4th floor at 27-02-2023 (© Floris de Kort)

State of the 4th floor at 01-03-2023 (© Vincent Icke)

Maps of the floors

The floors of the building have different functionality and sections of the building are devoted to different institutes. The building is made such that borders between the different institutes are fluid, meaning that when the space requirements of institutes change, their office assignments can change accordingly without heavy constructual work. The lowest two floors are general purpose floors where lecture and meeting rooms are located. On the remaining floors the institutes are located.

Where is the STRW located

Leiden Observatory (STRW) will be located on the top three floors in the west side of the front wing. On the eastern side we share floors with LIACS (computer science) and MI (mathematical institute). On the top floor our 'Kaiser Lounge' is located in the central axis section (3d impression 1, 2), together with the new Oort room (3d impression 1, 2). Opposite the corridor the IT department, educational and secretarial offices will be located. South of the 'Kaiser lounge' the Astrophysical Lab is located, while the optical lab is located in the middle section of the third floor west wing.

Atmosphere images

To get you in the mood of the new campus building the architects have rendered atmosphere images. They show a close to reality view of several sections of the building, mainly the central areas and classrooms. See this 48MB large PDF

Detailed floor plans with annotations

On the ground and first floor meeting rooms and lecture rooms are located. Floors 2, 3, and 4 are for the institutes. On below maps colours indicate different functionality:

 Meeting rooms
 Student rooms
 Kaiser Lounge
 Lecture practica 
 Lecture rooms

Layout of offices

As you may have seen on the floor plans we have different office sizes available. Depending on the planned assignments these offices can house 1, 2, 4 or (6 to) 8 persons. In addition, in the middle sections, we have located several meeting rooms and master offices. Here we will show how furniture can be placed in such offices. Mind you, these are suggestions. For your particular case we can adapt to your wishes.

Note: The mockup pictures show a gray wall where in real life windows will be present. The wall in the new building are magnetic and one or several panels can be equipped with foils to allow 'whiteboard' writing of 'blackboard' writing. The color scheme is soft to the eye (cloth colors and floor colors). Also other pieces of furniture will be available.

Observatory meeting rooms

BM.4.33 26 p
BW.3.33a 8 p
BW.3.34a 8 p
BW.4.17a 8 p
BW.4.18a 8 p
BW.4.33a 8 p
BW.4.34a 8 p

Artist Impressions

Here are a series of artist impressions of the general usage areas with in the Sterrewacht.

General Facilities

There are a view smaller meeting rooms located on the Observatory floors (see above), but no large ones, except for the Oort room that can house 26 persons. For more and larger meeting rooms and for all lecture rooms one needs to go to the general facilities areas on the ground and first floor. Most lecture and practica rooms are located on the ground floor, but the theater like lecture rooms on the first floor. Please inspect the floor plans above for locations. There is also a block of meeting rooms on the ground floor on the C-wing Eastern side.

Lecture rooms

BE.0.0832 p
BE.0.1040 p
BE.0.1780 p
BE.0.1880 p
BE.0.3140 p
BE.0.3240 p
BE.0.3980 p
BE.0.4080 p
BM.1.23100 p
BM.1.2670 p
BM.1.33100 p
CM.1.26200 p

Practica rooms

BW.0.0561 m2
BW.0.0661 m2
BW.0.0761 m2
BW.0.0861 m2
BW.0.1761 m2
BW.0.1861 m2
BW.0.1961 m2
BW.0.2061 m2
BW.0.2961 m2
BW.0.3061 m2

Meeting rooms

CE.0.0628 p
CE.0.0832 p
CE.0.1232 p
CE.0.1828 p
Lecture rooms are the normal type where there are rows of seats, optionally equipped with foldable table. The Practica rooms are rooms with (movable) tables that have either a fixed desktop or no desktop, but place and connectivity for laptop use. test

Optical and Astrophysical Lab

Information about Labs will become available later.

Proposed Seating Plan

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