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12:30CE.0.18 Stephanie Monty
(University of Cambridge)
[12:30 - CE.0.18] Galactic Archaeology with Globular Clusters - Europium is a Chemical Tag Between Globular and their Hosts Across All Metallicities
2024-05-0211:00Oort room (BM.4.33) Andrina Nicola
(Argelander Institut für Astronomie)
Cosmological probe combination for current and future surveys
12:30CE.0.18 Patricio Colazo
(Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental)
[12:30 - CE.0.18] Structure formation with PBHs to alleviate early star formation tension revealed by JWST.
2024-05-1611:00HL414 Philippe Zarka
(Observatoire de Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris Scien)
Planetary Magnetospheric Radio Emissions: from Jupiter to exoplanets and stars
12:30CE.0.18 Gudmundur Stefansson
(Anton Pannekoek Institute)
[12:30 - CE.0.18] An extreme test case for planet formation: a close
2024-05-2311:00DM.1.09 Anna Lisa Varri
(University of Edunburgh)
Rethinking the dynamical paradigm of low-mass stellar systems
2024-05-2312:30CE.0.12 Iason Skretas
[12:30 - CE.0.12] The molecular outflows of DR21
2024-05-3011:00EM.1.09 Konstanze Zwintz
Calibration of early stellar evolution with asteroseismology

05-01 10:30 05-01 11:00Kaiser LoungeOwn Observatory Seminar
05-06 20:00 05-06 22:00AcademiegebouwOwn Oort Lecture by George Efstathiou

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