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2022-06-0216:15de Sitter Jacques Kluska
(University of Leuven)
Disks around evolved binaries: do they form second-generation planets?
2022-06-0916:15de Sitter Sarah White
(Rhodes University)
New insights into active galaxies, via their radio emission
2022-06-2316:15de Sitter Marijke Haverkorn
The Magnetic Field of the Milky Way
2022-06-3016:15de Sitter Mario van den Ancker
Disk Evolution around Young Intermediate Mass Stars

06-23 13:15 06-23 14:00414Own Final Evaluation BSc courses spring semester
06-24 13:15 06-24 14:00414Own Final evaluation MSc courses spring semester
06-03 16:15 06-03 17:15HL 211/214Own Observatory seminar
06-21 10:00 06-21 11:00Academic buildingOwn PhD Defence Gwen Dufour
06-17 17:30 06-17 20:00Outside Oort builidingOwn BBQ
06-07 10:00 08-12 16:00Leiden ObservatoryOwn LEAPS 2022

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