Online Application

Applications will be handled electronically only. Please follow the instructions carefully. The deadline for applications and letters of recommendation is December 1, 2019. To ensure your application is ready for consideration at the deadline, please inform your referees well in advance.


The successful candidates must have a MSc degree (or equivalent) by the (negotiable) starting date. The positions are open to candidates from all countries. The research will be carried out in the framework of the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA).

Applicants should provide the following:

Please login to the application site to obtain an account using the Register link and start the application process. Login and fill in the application form.

Note that:
+ All required attachment documents need to be in PDF format.
+ You do not need to complete the application form in one session.
+ You can return to the application site and modify or add information to your existing application.
+ The system will send an email to the referees you specified in the application form upon your request.
+ You will see in the final applications form a remark when a referee has uploaded his report to the system.

We aim for candidates to be informed before the end of december whether they will be invited for an interview.

The interviews are currently scheduled to take place on February 10 and 11, 2019. If you are invited, you need to be present both days. Note that we will cover your expenses.

Further Questions

For general queries about the PhD program at Leiden University and about the general call, please first look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ), otherwise send an email to . Individual staff members will also be happy to answer questions.