Social Safety


11/23-4/24 Continuous coaching for Scientific Director through KO&A
10-11/2023   Discussion and adoption of CoC
10/2023 “if-then” template for signaling/correcting unwanted behavior
10/2023 Information on Observatory Allies update/advertised
10/2023 Visit of University Ombuds Officer and Confidentiality Councilor
9-12/2023 Evaluate institute management structure
9-12/2023 Investigation of Observatory matrix structure
9/2023 Confidentiality training for Observatory Allies & Scientific Director
9/2023 Inventory training/coaching for scientific staff
9/2023 tailored Code of Conduct for institute
8/2023 Reconnection of EDI committee to NAIEC
6/2023 Resurrection of EDI committee
5/2023 Institute Council members are now elected
5/2023 Postdoc representatives meet 3x/yr with management
4-12/2023 Intervision sessions for Scientific Director
4/2023 New Postdoc Liaisons are assigned
3/23-3/24 Governance restructuring of FWN institutes
3-6/2023 Group/Individual meetings coaching team
2/2023 Kick-off meeting coaching team Kracht Ontwikkeling & Advies